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Katie Chen


MSOC’s supportive network embodies a family-like culture that is driven by many opportunities to thrive as both a learner and leader. Through our range of both professional and social events, we strive to connect individuals from across the wider student community. This is what shapes our unique identity as a tight-knit society that embraces all students from diverse backgrounds and degrees, and not just Management.


During my time in MSOC thus far, I have realised one thing that makes us so special. That is - the shared desire to make the most out of our university experience. Whether it be wanting to meet new friends, to challenge yourself or simply, to have a good time, we continue to offer a high calibre of social, educational, and career-orientated opportunities for students. From flagship events such as our ‘MSOC Leadership Program’, to new ideas introducing philanthropic initiatives, we can’t wait to show you how 2024 will be our greatest year yet. With a talented team of executive and director members characterised by strong motivation and commitment, we aspire to make impactful change through our core values of “building tomorrow’s leaders”.


From my diverse society experiences, I can definitely say that MSOC has proven to provide me with the greatest support in building my confidence as a leader. As a subcommittee member first, then director, and now a part of the executive team, the personal growth that I have achieved would never have reached this far without the amazing bunch of people I have met through the society. It is truly the people within the MSOC family who have enriched my university life with the brightest and most memorable times. This is what strengthens my passion to further develop myself alongside peers, and most importantly, to give back to the student community.


To be able to give others the same, if not better, rewarding experience as I had, would mean the most to me. We see great potential in MSOC’s future growth and you can be a part of that change. So, I can assure you that you won’t regret joining MSOC. If there’s an opportunity, just go for it!

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