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Leslie Chen


To me, MSOC is an incredible culmination of students from diverse backgrounds who come together to create both professional and social events for the wider student community. A common misconception about the society is that MSOC is only for Management students, however as a Computer Science student, I can proudly say that MSOC is open to all students from all degrees.


What has made my MSOC journey so memorable is hands down the people. Every step of the way, I’ve always felt incredibly supported and cared for as I get the chance to meet a vibrant group of people who each bring their own unique flare to the table. MSOC is well known for its internal family culture which creates an impactful support network that exceeds the boundaries of society friendships and extends to so much more.


After joining MSOC I can definitely say it has enriched my university life for the better and has opened my eyes to so much more of what the university has to offer. I’ve gotten the chance to learn and develop Adobe Creative Suite skills to create video cover photos, prepare and pitch in case competitions, network and meet so many more people outside of my chosen degree of study.


This year the expansion of the Internal team into two separate entities, HR and Education, puts a greater focus on each respective portfolio to produce an even greater quality of events. Also, with a talented team of executive and director members who share a connected vision, we can propel the society to create better digital and marketing content whilst providing a higher calibre of social, educational and career orientated events which will make 2021 MSOC’s greatest year yet.


I can’t promise that you will have the same amazing experience as I’ve had, but I can definitely say without a doubt, you won’t regret giving MSOC a go! So my advice would be to try everything you can and push yourself out of your comfort zone.